21 x New York


21 x New York
reż|dir Piotr Stasik | PL | 2016 | 70 min
prod|pro Agnieszka Wasiak scen|wr Piotr Stasik zdj|ph Piotr Stasik muz|mus Karol Rakowski mon|ed Piotr Stasik, Dorota Wardęszkiewicz, Tomasz Wolski dys|dis Lava Films


21 x New York is a documentary essay on the condition of the contemporary man living in the Western world, narrated through the voices of 21 passers-by encountered on the New York subway. The travelers differ in terms of age, race, origin, and reasons why they ended up in the eponymous city. Piotr Stasik’s picture resembles a poetic symphony of voices calling for emotion, coveting communication, seeking the meaning of existence. Like a hypnotizing collage, the documentary assembles memories, quotations, and glimpses of witnessed events. All of the constituent parts make for a portrait of a disoriented metropolis, and in a broader context, of an increasingly chaotic world.

2017 Docs Against Gravity – Fiction/Non-Fiction Award for Best Director
2016 Krakow Film Festival – Best Production award in the Polish Competition (Agnieszka Wasiak)
2016 European Film Awards – nominated for Best Documentary Film

Piotr Stasik (1976) A director of documentaries and a cultural animator. Founder of the Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”. An insatiable traveler, constantly on the move between different countries all around the globe. Justifies his passion by an eagerness to meet new people, which manifests in his works. His camera grants him insight into foreign countries and cultures, which in turn consitute a lens enabling him to broaden his understanding of Poland and Poles.

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