reż|dir Kasia Adamik | DE, PL, SE | 2017 | 108 min
prod|pro Beata Pisula scen|wr Richard Karpala zdj|ph Tomasz Naumiuk muz|mus Antoni Łazarkiewicz mon|ed Michał Czarnecki ob|cast Mateusz Kościukiewicz, Łukasz Simlat, Zofia Wichłacz, Zbigniew Stryj dys|dis K&K Selekt Film


As the case of a brutally murdered architect is dismissed, it seems that the culprit will go unpunished. However, four years later, the police receive an anonymous tip-off. The source points out the similarities between the unsolved murder and the plot of the novel Amok. With the case reopened, the police inspector Jacek Skolski, troubled by his murky past, confronts the demoniacal author of the book, Krystian Bala. Directed by Katarzyna Adamik, Amok was inspired by true events, while Bala’s novel was used in drafting of the script. In 2007, the author of the book himself was convicted for 25 years of imprisonment based on circumstantial evidence. His trial was covered by world’s most prominent media outlets.

2017 Netia OFF Camera – participated in the Polish Fiction Film Competition
2017 Suspense Film Festival in Kołobrzeg – participated in the European Best Suspense Film competition

Kasia Adamik (1972) Graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Paris and the prestigious Institut Saint-Luc art school in Brussels. Director, film producer and film editor. Before taking up film, worked as an artist. Author of storyboards among others for Agnieszka Holland’s films Total Eclipse and Washington Square.

2017 Amok
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2009 Janosik|Janosik: A True Story (wspólnie z|with: Agnieszka Holland)
2008 Boisko bezdomnych|The OFFsiders
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