reż|dir Piotr Szczepański | PL | 2016 | 71 min
prod|pro Anna Pachnicka, Piotr Szczepański scen|wr Piotr Szczepański zdj|ph Piotr Szczepański muz|mus Alles, Pustki, Not, Maanam, Dandy Warhols, Hole, Cool Kids Of Death, Nagrobki, The Fall ob|cast Marcin Byczewski, Witek Munnich, Wiktor Skok, Jakub Szczeciński, Robert Tuta dys|dis Anagram Film


The story of a group of friends who decided not to leave Łódź and created a new place there. The heroes are six musicians who founded a social cooperative. Its goal is to manage a music club—DOM (Home) that quickly became an independent center of culture life in the city. The camera of Piotr Szczepański follows their lives and the functioning of the club for the period of two years. Club DOM and its owners are a phenomenon which is a pretext to show forty year old artists creating a business that aims to support their creative work.

Piotr Szczepański (1975) Born in Łódź. Camera operator, director and screenwriter. Producer of advertisements and video clips. Graduated from Direction of Photography and TV Production Department at the National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź. While studying at the Film and TV Direction Department, he was awarded a doctoral degree in film art. His works include three documentaries (two concern the band Cool Kids of Death) and a comedy-drama Absolute Beginner.

2016 DOM/Łódź
2016 Łódź 2000-nieskończoność|Łódź 2000-infinity
2014 C.K.O.D.2 – Plan ewakuacji| C.K.O.D.2 - Evacuation Plan (krótki|short)
2007 Aleja gówniarzy|Absolute Beginner
2004 Generacja C.K.O.D|C.K.O.D. Generation (krótki|short)

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