Fugazi – The Centre of the Universe


Fugazi. Centrum wszechświata
reż|dir Leszek Gnoiński | PL | 2016 | 40 min
prod|pro Maciek Ostatek, Aneta Zagórska scen|wr Leszek Gnoiński zdj|ph Piotr Pawluk, Łukasz Piotrowski muz|mus Robert Brylewski mon|ed Marek Klimaszewski


Poland was changing beyond recognition during its transition period. Pulled out of the malaise of the 80s and martial law, it opened up to capitalism. Entrepreneurship flourished and new clubs began to appear, where the rock community from the capital and the whole country gathered. This is how the legendary Fugazi was born – a place of meetings, concerts and cultural events, for many people it was almost a second home. „Fugazi. The Centre of the Universe” is a documentary and animated film depicting the short, though eventful history of the one of the first private, independent music clubs in free Poland. Leszek Gnoiński’s film combines archival concert footage, interviews with artists and captivating animations by Marcin Podolec, based on the comic book „Fugazi Music Club”.

Leszek Gnoiński (1966) Journalist, author of books and films about music. Director of „Beats of Freedom” and „Jarocin. Against the Stream”– documentaries about rock music in Poland of the 80s. He is the author of the six-episode film series „The History of Polish Rock Music”. He is also the author of books about polish music bands such as Kult, Acid Drinkers and Myslovitz.

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