I Am Katya Golubeva


I Am Katya Golubeva
reż|dir Natalija Ju | LT, RU, FR | 2016 | 65 min
prod|pro Natalija Ju, Natalya Lisovskaya scen|wr Kira Ivanova, Natalija Ju zdj|ph Valentinas Ryckovas, Artiom Ryzhikov, Nadezhda Solovyova


A Russian girl Katerina Golubeva, is popular as a Lithuanian actress in cult French and Lithuanian movies, and still hardly known in her homeland. During her short career in the cinema Katya Golubeva's films were presented at the Cannes festival four times. Her life resembled the one she lived in her movies. Her death in 2011 was as tragic as the death of her characters. Did she determine her fate with her roles, or the fate of her characters affected her own fate?

Natalija Ju – Film director, scriptwriter and producer born in Yekaterinburg. She is a graduate of the philological faculty of the Moscow University and scenario department of the All-Russian Cinematography institute (VGIK). She created an independent studio “Studija JU” in Lithuania, which basic activities are: documentary, TV production. At present time Natalija Ju lives in Vilnius.

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