I Am Not Your Negro


I Am Not Your Negro
reż|dir Raoul Peck | CH, FR, BE, USA | 2016 | 93 min
prod|pro Rémi Grellety, Hébert Peck, Raoul Peck scen|wr Raoul Peck zdj|ph Henry Adebonojo, Bill Ross, Turner Ross muz|mus Alexei Aigui mon|ed Alexandra Strauss ob|cast Samuel L. Jackson, Shumerria Harris, Cathy Salvodon dys|dis Against Gravity


Using unpublished fragments of an unfinished book by James Baldwin, a famous Afro-American novelist and essayist, Raoul Peck tells a story of racial segregation, harassment, and Afro-Americans’ fight for equity. Peck correlates Baldwin’s lyrical rhetoric with substantial archive footage, and makes a connection the past of antiracist civic movements and contemporary actions of #BlackLivesMatter activists. He observes the representation of black-skinned people in Hollywood and reflects upon racist violence, which still pervades the United States. I Am Not Your Negro raises the question not only about the definition of being black in America, but also about what being different entails.

Academy Awards 2017 — nominated for Best Picture
Berlin IFF 2017— Audience Award in Panorama category, honorable mention of the Ecumenical Jury, nominated for Teddy Award
Toronto IFF 2017 — Audience Award

Raoul Peck (1953) Director, screenwriter, producer and political activist. Born in Port-au-Prince in Haiti, he grew up in Zaire and the US. Studied in France, the USA and at Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie in Berlin. His The Man by the Shore was the first Caribbean film to reach the finals in Cannes. In 1996-97, he was the Haitian Culture Minister.

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