J: Beyond Flamenco


La Jota de Saura
reż|dir Carlos Saura | ES | 2016 | 90 min
prod|pro Axel Kuschevatzky scen|wr Carlos Saura zdj|ph Paco Belda muz|mus Giovanni Sollima mon|ed Carlos Saura Medrano ob|cast Sara Baras, Giovanni Sollima, Miguel Ángel Remiro dys|dis Latido Film


After flamenco, tango and fados, Carlos Saura turns his camera to a different dance: jota, which originated in his native region of Aragon, in north-eastern Spain. Saura presents different types of jota dance, musicians, and most importantly, dancers. Against the background of meticulously arranged scenography, their majestically whirling bodies are reminiscent of waltzing couples, while the sound of castanets imparts an unparalleled vivacity to their steps. J: Beyond Flamenco constitutes a new form of Carlos Saury’s tender expression of fascination for folklore music and dance. 

2017 José María Forqué Awards – nominated for Best Documentary Film

Carlos Saura (1932) A brilliant Spanish director as well as screenwriter, photographer, writer, and producer. In 1957, he had graduated from the Cinematographic Institute in Madrid, where he also used to work as a lecturer. In 1963, he lost his job for criticizing general Franco’s regime. He gained international recognition for his film The Hunt in 1966, winning a Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. In the following years, his films won numerous awards, most prominently two Special Jury Awards at Festival de Cannes (for Cousin Angélica and Raise Ravens). In his works from 1970s and 1980s, he intertwined surrealistic anxiety with hypnotizing melancholy. His current artistic focus is on Latin American music and dance.

2016 Jota Carlosa Saury|La Jota de Saura|Beyond Flamenco
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1974 Kuzynka Angelica|La prima Angélica|Cousin Angelica
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