Marina Abramovic in Brazil. The Space in Between


Marina Abramović in Brazil. The Space In Between
reż|dir Marco Del Fiol | BR | 2016 | 87 min
prod|pro Marco Del Fiol, Jasmin Pinho, Minom Pinho scen|wr Marina Abramović, Fabiana Werneck Barcinski, Marco Del Fiol zdj|ph Cauê Ito muz|mus O Grivo mon|ed Marco Del Fiol, Marco Korodi ob|cast Marina Abramović, Dorothy W. Cooke, Aldaci Dos Santos dys|dis Elo Company


The controversial artist Marina Abramović is not afraid of anything. While travelling across Brazil, she looks for spiritual healing and creative inspiration. She encounters shamans, selftaught surgeons, and people possessed by spirits. The famous artist performs mysterious rituals with them, takes dark journeys to the unconscious mind, tries the experience out of this world. Broadening horizons is the point of being and artist for her. This guide to Brazilian folk magic is at the same time a journey inside the artist’s head. Abramovic reveals her childhood stories which shaped her. She tells about her attitude toward her body, men, and the public. She searches for connections between folk magic, religion, and performance.

Marco Del Fiol (1971) Brazilian documentary director. Directs his films but also cuts and writes scripts for them. As a maker, he is interested in non-obvious figures of contemporary art. Focusing the eye of the camera on the most important artist of our times, he aims at facilitating and deepening the dialogue between an artist, his work and a recipient.

2016 Marina Abramović w Brazylii|Marina Abramović in Brazil. The Space In Between
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