Monster in the Mind


Monster in the Mind
reż|dir Jean Carper | USA | 2016 | 87 min
prod|pro Jean Carper, Lee Koromvokis scen|wr Jean Carper zdj|ph Ellen Kuras mon|ed Phyllis Housen, Christopher Radcliff ob|cast Jesse Ballenger, Susan Behuniak, Paul Coleman, Peter Davies, Yme Drost, Majid Fotuhi dys|dis Against Gravity


Thirty years ago, medical journalist Jean Carper made a CNN documentary about Alzheimer’s, a disease that still poses one of the biggest threats to the aging Western population. Back then, it was predicted that a treatment for the condition would be found within 30 years. Carper, who is over 80 now, carries the gene found in Alzheimer’s patients. She decides to travel the world to see how the research is progressing. She interviews scientists and other experts and undergoes all kinds of tests to find out what her chances are of developing the dreaded condition. Carper tackles this thorny topic head on, but with a sense of perspective. Footage from film archives and old B-movies helps illustrate the extent to which our ideas about the condition are dominated by exaggerated fears, not to mention unrealistic expectations about what medical science can do.

2017 Docs Against Gravity – Documentary Film Academy Award

Jean Carper (1932) Medical journalist. Carper was CNN’s first medical correspondent and has written 24 books, including New York Times best-sellers Stop Aging Now! and Food Your Miracle Medicine. She carries the major gene for late-age Alzheimer’s disease.

2016 Potwór w mojej głowie|Monster in the Mind

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