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Wilde Maus
reż|dir Josef Hader | AT, DE | 2017 | 103 min
prod|pro Michael Katz scen|wr Josef Hader zdj|ph Xiaosu Han, Andreas Thalhammer mon|ed Christoph Brunner, Ulrike Kofler, Monika Willi ob|cast Josef Hader, Georg Friedrich, Pia Hierzegger, Jörg Hartmann, Denis Moschitto dys|dis Aurora Films


A renowned music critic Georg loses his job. At home, his younger wife constantly pressurizes him as they have been trying for a baby for years now. When she puts his masculinity into question, Georg is unable to admit defeat. When will this disastrous avalanche end? Should he expect worse? A dark comedy which makes the audience laugh at one moment and raise a cry of dismay the next. A humorous and charming story about a man whose world falls apart. On the one hand, this film is a portrait of Austrian townies, and on the other, a story of the crisis of journalism, with the qualities of both a dramedy and of the cinema of vengeance.

2017 Berlin International Film Festival — nominated for Golden Bear

Josef Hader (1962) One of the most popular Austrian comedians. Quit his German philology and history studies to join a cabaret. His acting career began with the screening of Paul Harather’s play India, in which he was cast the main role. A successful actor both in comedies and dramas. His directorial debut Wilde Maus was nominated for Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival.

2017 Wilde Maus|Wild Mouse

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